Monday, 26 December 2011

033; Come on, I know myself by now.

There's a degree of difficulty in dealing with me.
"'Cause I don't trust that there won't be another string of manic freak-outs if I stick around. Come on, I know myself by now. It's not an easy realization to come to. I'm not the best thing for you. I'm not the best thing for you."

I. Goodbye England (Covered In Snow), by Laura Marling.
II. Seven Years, by Lovers.
III. You Will Miss Me When I Burn, by Palace Brothers.
IV. Lua, by Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch.
V. Hug Me Tight, by En Kopp & En Knapp.
VI. About Today, by The National.
VII. Walk It Off, by Angus & Julia Stone.
VIII. Heavy In Your Arms, by Florence + The Machine.
IX. O' Sister, by City & Colour.
X. Wintering, by Laura Gibson.
XI. Enchanting Ghost, by Sufjan Stevens.
XII. Chocolate & Cigarettes, by Angus & Julia Stone.
XIII. Stephanie Says, by Emiliana Torrini.
XIV. Possibility, by Lykke Li.
XV. Dead Deer, by Lovers.
XVI. Love Will Tear Us Apart, by Broken Social Scene.
XVII. Little Hell, by City & Colour.
XVII. All Alright, by Sigur Rós.

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