Saturday, 25 December 2010

009; My heart is returned to sister winter..

My christmas has been.. good. I started the day crying and ended up throwing up, but somewhere in between it has been actually completely okay, despite loud children and stress and a killer headache. I got a bunch of books--The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Lolita, Kafka on the Shore, Practical Magic (amongst others), and I think I might spend the next month or so hidden away in my room, just reading.
If I have the strength, that is.

Unfortunately the gift I ordered for my younger older brother hasn't even gotten here yet...but I hope it'll get here before he leaves. It's pretty awesome and he'll love it. Sindri comes back tomorrow, with Sofia (his wife), and we're having an extra Christmas Eve. I'm looking forward to seeing them. ♥

Songs I've been listening to a lot lately:
Sister Winter by Sufjan Stevens
A Song To Pass The Time by Bright Eyes
Season's Greetings by Lovers
If Winter Ends by Bright Eyes

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